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Curve balls

  1. Read the curve balls below.
  2. Remaining in character, discuss whether this new information changes the authorship order you agreed upon?

Paul Jones is quite concerned about getting his top pick for residency, and requests a more prominent authorship position, citing the amount of time and energy he put into the scoping review.

In Jane Smith’s sociology department, “anchor” (last) position does not mean what it means in medicine, where it means PI. She is an assistant professor, and is applying for promotion soon. She feels she contributed more than Joe Clark.

Joe Clark used some of his related IPE grant funds to pay Paul Jones for his time on the project. Sherry Singh works in Joe Clark’s office and has gotten to know most of what she knows about IPE through this work. Joe Clark feels that the idea come from him and his experiences.

Sherry Singh feels like she did the bulk of the work, and guided the project in the directions it took, at key moments, even if in the end Jane Smith and Joe Clark “approved” of the decisions and directions.

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